Kamen Rider Wizard S.H.Figuarts

A week of going through reviews and photos of the Tamashii Nations event which was held at UBX2 @ Akiba Square. And oh boy it was a feast for my eyes!

Nothing on display that made impact through the toy industry as usual, but the only thing that made me crave for more information are the Kamen Rider Wizard S.H.Figuarts. Which has incredible detailing, paint and sculpt even for a prototype.

It’s becoming more of a norm now as first releases were always, well . . not always treated with first press edition add-on parts. For instance this, the upwards flowing cape will be the first press premium for Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style which will be released in January 2013. What’s so special about the cape? It mimics the flow of the cape when a Rider Kick is being initialized. But no worries for those who can’t acquire the first press edition, the regular release will include a flowing cape as well. But it’s more for ground action poses, I guess it will do for those who isn’t really fussy about how they pose with their toys. *ahem*

Do check out the other Kamen Rider Wizard styles during the Tamashii Nations event or find out more here where I got most of my image sources from: http://gigazine.net/news/20121026-products-tamashii-nation-2012/

Water Style

Land Style

Hurricane Style


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