Review – Hot Toys – Captain America (The First Avenger)

Name – Captain America
Series – Captain America : The First Avenger
Product Line – Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece
Manufacturer – Hot Toys
Released – December 2011
Scale – 30cm
Price – –

Steve Rogers received injections and oral doses of the Super-Soldier Serum. He is then exposed to a controlled burst of “Vita-Rays” that activate and stabilize the chemicals in his system. Although the process is arduous physically, it successfully alters his physiology almost instantly from its relatively frail form to the maximum of human efficiency, greatly enhancing his musculature, reflexes, agility, stamina and intelligence. Erskine declares Rogers to be the first of a new breed of man, a “nearly perfect human being.”

And thus, Captain America is born!

And when I got the news that Hot Toys got hold of the Captain America movie license, I was thrilled and anxious. Seeing the prototype makes me want the toy even more, and the amount of complaints and whining that are on going around forums that the suit sucks? Ignore those wannabe who jumps on the bandwagons just because a new movie is about to come out. The new suit is very impressive, for a suit that’s in 1942? Unbelievable that it’s not spandex!

Enough talking and onto the review!

Amazing, simply amazing. The padding and stitching are all very surreal compared to the actual movie costume, there are also some slight weathering on the suit and helmet. And the leather parts are quite clean, I wouldn’t complaint about having too worn or discolored leather since Capt didn’t wear the suit for a long period of time before he was *spoiler!* frozen. The amount of padding used also limits the articulation of the figure, it pains but as I always say. You have to sacrifice something to gain something. And I actually wouldn’t mind if they release the first Captain America suit that he wore in the movie, remember the very first that was in spandex?

Likeness compared to Chris Evans under the mask is very accurate to me, I guess 1/2 face sculpts are not handled by Yulli since she is quite imba to full face sculptures. And props to Eom Jea Sung for sculpting this beautiful piece. I have heard complaints about the A on his forehead being crooked, it might be slightly crooked. But I don’t see any damage it does to the figure as a hole, I am not very nitpicky about this since it is quite a small issue and it doesn’t really standout like what most people said.  The paint and sculpt for the leather parts are very good, it looks on par with the leather used on the belt, gloves and boots. The only thing that I always complaint about is the lack of the helmet that he wore in the movie. How can they left it out!?

It comes with very few accessories, as you know that he doesn’t carry a lot of stuffs in the movie. Other than the Thompson and pistol that he used. And…….the lack of the helmet. *hurls fist*

And I actually forget to take photos of the extra hands that are included! There is 9 pieces of interchangeable gloved hands included as well.

As usual the hot toys “Y” stand with Captain America’s movie logo and initials.

As some of you know, Hot Toys have dealt with WWII figures in the past. And I won’t be surprise if the weapons that comes with Capt are recycled from their old arsenal of WW2 weapons. And as usual the weapons that always come with Hot Toys are topnotch and detailed. Removable magazine, working cocking handle and retractable sights.

And. . . .what is Captain America without his shield?

The shield is another masterpiece from Hot Toys, I have no idea who sculpted it. But oh boy, It is beautiful! Clean sculpt on the surface and you can see the nuts and bolts on the backside. Stunning craftsmanship and idea of how Capt is going to hold his shield in the toy version.

I know a lot of us including me doesn’t like to read manuals that comes with toys and started wondering what the heck is this black peg for? Then I started to think, didn’t Capt carry his shield on his back then he isn’t holding it? So I flipped the little piece of manual and slapped my forehead. That’s what the peg is for, to hold the shield on his back!

The Avengers movie will be out in May, but there is a movie that needs a bigger budget than that which I would like to see….

And if you don’t get the picture? Time for you to read more Marvel comics 🙂

And lastly don’t forget to,

Nerd Out Guys!


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