Review – S.H.Figuarts – Barnaby Brooks Jr.

Name – Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Series – Tiger & Bunny
Product Line – S.H.Figuarts
Manufacturer – Bandai
Released – October 2011
Scale – 140mm
Price – 4,725円

Barnaby Brooks Jr. (バーナビー・ブルックスJr.) is a rookie hero who does not conceal his identity and the newest addition Hero TV. Partnered with and possessing the same power as Wild Tiger, he relies more on strategy than force. He is liked by many people as he is cool and handsome and is currently the top hero, with the title “King of Heroes.”

Got addicted after watching the first episode of the anime series, Tiger & Bunny. For those who have not watched it yet, please do so. It is packed with action and excitement, there is no episodes that will bore you to death.  A total of 25 episodes that’ll get you hooked and go for their products.

And here is the 2nd release from the S.H.Figuarts Tiger & Bunny line, Barnaby Brooks Jr.

A simple and clean tray that houses the figure and accessories in it. I believe that this and Wild Tiger were rushed from the factory to meet the demands of consumers. It was kinda upsetting to see that he only comes with a set of hands, a gauntlet and the Good Luck mode leg. Paint job is also very terrible, it is clearly that Bandai is trying to rush the first 2 figures out. Rest assure that I’ve already seen Rock Bison’s reviews online and he is looking great, minus the lack of accessories. He is painted really well, so keep your hopes up towards getting Rock Bison.

The set also comes with a Tamashii Stage base, this only comes with the first press release which is the ones you see in stores. I foresee that the reissued ones that is coming in April will come without this. Much like the marketing that Bandai used on the Hopper Brothers S.H.Figuarts from Kamen Rider Kabuto.

You can’t really see the paint flaws in photos, but very clearly if you’re holding on to it. Other than the paint problem, this is really a show accurate figure. From the clear parts down to the sponsored logos.

Bandai was the main sponsor for the series which I supposed, since Wild Tiger and Skyhigh has the sponsor logos from the best selling lines in Bandai. S.H.Figuarts and Tamashii Nation. The “Bunny” logo appears during episode 5 when it was Barnaby’s birthday and Dr. Saito had upgraded their suits, one of the good episodes with an unexpected ending 🙂

The sponsor on the right gauntlet was from Crusade Card System by Cardass, that already have a card game based on Tiger & Bunny. You can visit their website at

The sponsor logo also appears on the left gauntlet but the one on the left only appears from episode 1 – 5.

From episode 6 onwards, the Crusade Card System logo has been updated with their new sponsor I guess having them as a sponsor was a huge ordeal since they are one of the biggest online store in Japan as well as worldwide.

Every time that I hold on to a figure, I will check every parts on it. And this has wow me, detailed panel lines and spots of pink paint is flawless. As if that it is hand painted, which I believe it is lol. How I wished I could visit the factory that manufactures Bandai products.

Articulation is really terrible, I can’t blame them for this. To be able to be accurate you have to sacrifice.

The lack of head articulation is kinda show accurate cause you don’t really see them turning their heads much (like Tim Burton’s Batman lol). But it is quite painful to not be able to put them in dynamic pose.

I am extremely anxious for them to release the one with the sliding faceplate with their faces in it. Super super excited for them to show prototypes of it, I’d rather wait then having them to rush it out so that we won’t get any cock eye heroes.

Articulation for the arms and legs are very flexible, the shoulder armor and gauntlet are articulated

The wings on the back are articulated via ball joint, the horns, shoulder armor and wings are pretty sharp. I got poked by them for about a million times already, be careful then you play with them lol.

*face palm*

Good Luck Mode

Appeared during episode 5 when they were fighting a NEXT named Pauly who turn his skin into diamond. This was the upgrade D.r Saito did for them, which was said that is was only to look cool but doesn’t deal any extra damage.

Very detailed and light as well, doesn’t hinder the movements or articulations from the figure.

So till the next review,

Nerd Out guys!


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