Review – Sideshow Collectibles G.I Joe – Dusty

Name – Dusty
Series – G.I Joe
Product Line – G.I Joe
Manufacturer – Sideshow Collectibles, Inc.
Released – July 2011
Scale – 12 Inch
Price – US $129.99

His real name according to the toys’ file card is Ronald W. Tadur, which is based on an anagram of Hasbro artist Ron Rudat. Dusty was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He grew up in the desert and became intimately familiar with it. After high school, he worked as a refrigeration repairman by day, while studying the ecology of the desert in his spare time. He went through basic training at Fort Bliss, Texas, and is a qualified expert with the M-14, M-16, M-16A2, M-60, M-1911A1 auto pistol and M-203 40mm grenade launcher.

Dusty is an excellent tracker. He is fluent in Arabic and Hebrew, and conversant in Kazakh and the Oirat-Khalkha languages of Central Asia. He is also noted for his patience, his strong leadership qualities, and his excellence for sneaking up behind bad guys in the desert, and popping a can of firefight. When the G.I. Joe Team was disbanded, Dusty signed up for a tour in Israel, in order to keep his skills sharp. He returned to active duty when the team was reinstated, and can usually be found leading new recruits in target practice.

Finally the Joe that I have been waiting for, Dusty is here. Will Sideshow live up to their name with each new release?

Dusty comes dressed in the standard G.I Joe issue military uniform with desert camo, the top and bottom are the same design as Duke and so forth. This time Sideshow has really outdo themselves, there are patches of different shade of brown on Dusty’s uniform. Which I have in mind that those are actually sweat patches, (Dusty fights in the desert right? So that makes senses). And yes, they weathered the uniform and they totally forgotten about the boots. Weathered uniform checked, boots? I’m fine with reusing the boots, but It would totally match Dusty’s look if he were given desert ops boots rather than woodland ones.

The moment after I opened the box I was like, why do you look so gloomy? He looks sad, maybe it’s because of all the heat in the desert? Face paint is superbly done, including the smudged ones. This is really a nice paint job, you can’t miss out the scars on his face too. Really nicely done.

Most of the equipment are standard issues from the previous Joes, but for Dusty’s beret will be a different approach. It’s plastic but I suppose Sideshow glued on a layer of felt on it to make it more realistic.

Till now, I totally dislike the Velcro Sideshow is using for their 12 inch line, they don’t stick. No matter how many times or how hide I rub the surfaces against each other. They would just pop off again.

Sideshow included a rubber sand patch that can be use to cover the base of the figure stand to act as a mini diorama. And I believe it is also to be use in conjunction with the upcoming sand base diorama so that the black base from the figure stand won’t standout too much.

Overall, this is a superb figure. For collectors and non collectors alike, this is a great figure. Goes well with your other Military figures too, don’t miss out on this.

I have Stalker with me right now, will review on a later date.

Meanwhile, continue your passion for G.I Joes!



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