Review – Transformers : Dark of the Moon – Deluxe Class Ratchet

Name – Ratchet
Series – Transformers : Dark of the Moon
Product Line – Transformers : Dark of the Moon Deluxe Figure
Manufacturer – Hasbro, Inc.
Released – May 2011
Scale – 6 Inch
Price – US $12.99

The repair skills and medical prowess of Autobot RATCHET were unrivaled on Cybertron and have yet to be matched on earth. His razor-sharp mind has allowed him to develop healing tools that double as powerful weapons!

Here we have, Transformers: Dark of the Moon Deluxe class Ratchet. The medic of the Autobots on earth, it took me awhile to consider getting this instead of waiting for a voyager class which seems impossible. Which I think Hasbro would never or just release the first movie voyager Ratchet as a repaint.

The deluxe figures are now called the Mechtech series, which will include a Mechtech weapon. Which will “transform” from one to another weapon. For Ratchet’s case, it will transform from a gun, to a saw. We will get on to that later.

Ratchet is disguised as a Search and Rescue Hummer H2 with a different paint job from the other 2 movies. I can’t say this figure does any justice to the actual vehicle in the movie, but for a deluxe class and the price we are paying for. We definitely deserved better. Hasbro is getting lazier with each release of the Deluxe class figures, the paint job on mine is very sloppy. And it is missing a ton of paints. I would come up with a list for Ratchet if I really want to nitpick.

Transformation is fairly fun for Ratchet, it kinds resemble the transforming style we’ve seen in the first movie. Robot mode is decent looking, but there is too much green. There really should be some silver paints for most parts.

As for the articulation, we have a swivel head, shoulders that swivels forward and back. Swivel forearms, knees. Ball jointed wrist and ankles. The amount of articulation is enough to make decent poses.

The Mechtech weapon that comes with Ratchet is kinda big on him, but it works. It converts from a blaster to a saw. So whenever you pull the level back, the saw will be extended from the side and spins whenever deployed. Which is a really cool feature.

This figure will not be on the top of the list for collectors, but I must say that it is pretty fun to transform and do with the Mechtech weapon. It will not do much for adult collectors due to the paint job and scale. But for kids wise, it will be plenty of fun. With the easy transforming and functional weapons. This is not a collectors figure, but a figure with play value in it.


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