Review – Transformers : Dark of the Moon – Robo Fighters Roadbuster

Name – Roadbuster
Series – Transformers : Dark of the Moon
Product Line – Transformers : Dark of the Moon Robo Fighters
Manufacturer – Hasbro, Inc.
Released – July 2011
Scale – 6 Inch
Price – US $9.99

Roadbuster, to put it mildly, has a serious dislike for Decepticons. He is well armed and always willing to take on the biggest and baddest bots that Megatron sends his way!

Another member of the Wreckers, Roadbuster! Although they had little screen time in the movie, the Wreckers are my absolute favorite. And this time, I am reviewing Roadbuster in his Robo Fighters form. I know it’s a toy for kids, but you will be amazed how surprisingly this toy is fun for kids and adults like me! (lol)

Packaging will be standard for most kids toy like the activators line, which I totally hate. Thankfully I’ve gotten mine before it was put onto shelves and get mangled by children. And do you realize that most of the titles are trademarked? And I don’t think this line will last till all Wreckers are released which I will would totally die for. Who knows if the deluxe class will have all the Wreckers in scanned form. (The fully armed Nascars) I really like how the packaging looks, I would love to get another piece to keep it as MOC. But let’s see if it’ll get any cheaper in the future.

Push the Autobot shield downwards to deploy the missiles on the back and extend the minigun on Roadbuster’s chest.

Read more to see it in action.

Time to snip the wires and release him!

See how detail this figure is? Even if it’s a simple toy, there are plenty of details. From the intake manifold on the back, suspensions on the midsection, gears on the forearms and the roll cages on his legs. I am very surprised that everything is sculpted nicely instead of just having dull gray un-sculpted plastic like we have in the past. (Anyone remember the Power Bots?)

Articulation is very simple, this is a figure that I’ll just pick up and play when I’m bored. I’m totally fine with it, no detachable parts, falling pieces etc. This is already a fun figure.

Head and shoulder swivels, and ball jointed hips. You read that right, “Ball Jointed Hips”.

Usually we would get swivel joints for figurines like this, but we got ball jointed ones instead.

And yes, the key point of this toy would be….

Deploy-able weapons!

Just push the Autobot shield downwards and the missiles on the back of the shoulders will deploy. The chest panels will tilt upwards and the chest cannons will be extended. This would be excellent if there is lights and sounds, but that will raise the value of the figure.

I’m actually quite tired of how Hasbro is teasing us with the release of “Scanned” and Pre-scan” Wreckers toys, for example will be the Cyberverse series. They had Roadbuster and Leadfoot in scanned form and Topspin in pre-scan. Then we had scanned Topspin and Roadbuster in regular Nascar mode. I know Human Alliance Roadbuster and Leadfoot are in scanned mode, but what if Hasbro released Topspin as a regular Nascar car?

Till the next review!


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