Review – Transformers : Dark of the Moon – Deluxe Class Topspin

Name – Topspin
Series – Transformers : Dark of the Moon
Product Line – Transformers : Dark of the Moon Deluxe Figure
Manufacturer – Hasbro, Inc.
Released – May 2011
Scale – 6 Inch
Price – US $12.99

It’s that time of the year again! But this time, it’ll be the last. Transformers : Dark of the Moon is going to premier in theaters around the world soon. I’ll be reviewing one of the new characters in the movie line. One of the members of the Autobot Wreckers, Topspin!

Topspin was created in 1985, there was hardly any toy of it that was under this name (Other than the G1 version). Finally Michael Bay seems to find potential in creating more explosions in the up coming movie by inducting the Wreckers into the movie. Not 1 or 2, but I bet there will be more Topspin toys coming our way, be it be of different scales or repaints. Once again Topspin is joining into the spotlight of Transformers toys.

Topspin’s alternate mode will be utilizing one of the Nascar cars, number 48 Lowe’s Chevrolet Impala of Hendrick Motorspots which is driven by Jimmy Johnson. I am very sure that this version of Topspin will be the one after which was scanned. Unlike Roadbuster’s, which is “pre-scanned” which is the reason why there is no weapons on the alternate mode. Decals are very limited, I believe it might be licensing issues that caused it. Or Hasbro are just being cheap and finding an easy way out.

There is this little detail that caught my attention, they actually gave Topspin a set of grip tires. Which is accurate since grip tires are what Nascar cars have always been equipped with.

Guns mounted on the top and side of the doors are movable and can be removed and attached to the robot mode.

The DOTM deluxe classes now comes with a new range of weapons called the “Mech Tech Weapons”. Weapons that can be transformed into another mode. But a very misleading mistake that was the “transformed” mode will not stay in place unless you hold it in, and whereby the back of the packaging shows the “transformed” version.

You can transform the weapon from Blaster mode to Claw mode just by pulling the grey tab in the back, very neat I must say. Increases the play value of the weapon whereby you can grab an enemy then blast him away by releasing the tab.

The Mech Tech weapon can also be fitted onto the hood, which is pretty silly. Who would block his own sight of view while driving?

As the Japanese counterparts would say….



Here we have Topspin in robot mode, has became one of my favorite once I transformed it. It has the basic articulations an action figure has,

Ball jointed head, shoulders, hips and ankles.

Swivel arms, knees and thighs.

There is nothing I can complaint about, more articulations means more poseability. None of the joints hinders each other which is quite impressive.

The head kinda resemblance a mullet of dreadlock and sports a pair of Nascar sunglasses. It would have been perfect if it was sporting a mouth guard. (I’m a sucker for it)

Best part of all, he is actually in scale with Deluxe Roadbuster!! But I really do hope Hasbro would make a “scanned” version of Roadbuster that comes equipped with heavy artillery.

Till the movie!

Transform and Roll Out!


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