Review – Sideshow Collectibles G.I Joe – Red Ninja

Name – Red Ninja
Series – G.I Joe
Product Line – G.I Joe
Manufacturer – Sideshow Collectibles, Inc.
Released – Feburary 2011
Scale – 12 Inch
Price – US $124.99

The Red Ninja Clan blamed the Hard Master’s death on Snake Eyes, and they became frequent and formidable opponents for the G.I. Joe team. None of them were prepared for the superior training and natural skill of Snake Eyes. His every victory compels the Red Ninjas to try even harder to defeat him in hand-to-hand and melee combat, but they have yet to succeed, each encounter escalating into a fierce clash of swords and fists. Snake Eyes meets each challenge with the same honor and valor that have made him such a valuable asset to the G.I. Joe team.

Sideshow has brought us an surprised figure which no one has ever thought of, the Red Ninjas.

Simple and clean, that’s what I like about this figure. Having a simple yet useful attire is most important for any ninjas. The cloth arm and leg bracers are the same as Storm Shadow’s but with added armor. The sash is also reused from the 2009 Sideshow Storm Shadow figure. Clothing is well sewed and feels very sturdy, I am very confident to have them in more dynamic poses without having fear in them ripping. (Aha! Talk about dynamic posing.)

Yes, Sideshow decided to give them Harem Pants. I have no idea why would they give them such an attire rather than using the ones they gave Storm Shadow. I can’t even do a forward kick with pants like this. This is not the most disappointing issue I have.

Is this a joke? Crotch stands aren’t compatible with figures wearing harem pants.

(Yes I know I had the forehead guard upside down)

Headsculpt don’t even look like the one they had as a prototype on their website, which has happen alot of times. But it does have a little bit of an Asian look.

I am satisfied with the amount of ninja weapons included, the shurikens and kunais are really sharp. You have to be careful when handling them, I nearly poked myself to death while posing with it. Another rare accessory which is included, the action feet. The last time they release this was with Snake Eyes, which I doubt any collectors would have any use with it.

A clever way to hide the kunais, but won’t it increase the weight of the hat and cause it to fall forwards?

I am again very impressed by the paint job they applied, paintings on Sideshow’s 12 inch accessories has yet to let me down. The weathering/painting of the bamboo is the most outstanding one among the items in this set.

Not sure if this only happens on mine, but the sheath for the tanto is very tight. And caused paint to chip if you keep removing it.

The next release will be Dusty and the Desert Weapon Cache diorama which I can’t wait.



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