Review – Sideshow Collectibles G.I Joe – Beachhead

Name – Beachhead
Series – G.I Joe
Product Line – G.I Joe
Manufacturer – Sideshow Collectibles, Inc.
Released – November 2010
Scale – 12 Inch
Price – US $119.99


One of the best Sideshow G.I Joe to date! Beachhead.

His life is defined by patience, discipline and absolute dedication to the profession he has chosen. When Beach Head hits the ground running, he doesn’t stop until he reaches his objective. An Airborne Ranger through and through, Beach Head rises before the sun and does a ten mile run before starting his regular PT sessions with the unit. A former instructor at the Ranger School at Ft. Benning Georgia and a former observer/adviser at the Covert Ops school in Central America., Beach Head is a highly motivated individual with a high pain threshold, a moderate temperament, and a low tolerance for under achievers and slackers. Beach Head likes to be the first one out of the helicopter on a combat assault because he knows he can provide the best covering and suppressive fire to allow the rest of his team to deploy. To him anger is a waste of energy and doesn’t accomplish anything, he’d rather get even.


Not much has been said about this figure before it’s released, but there is one thing I have to say. WOW! This is one of the best to date, if I have said it before in my other reviews. I take back my word about them. Like the rest of the line, one glance and you’ll know this guy is Beachhead from the G.I Joe series. Sports a black tactical vest, olive combat shirt and woodland camouflage pants.



Sideshow’s version still retains the original smug look that he has, and it amused me too much. I love it so much because Beachhead is just that damn good, know about his profile and you’ll know why he deserves to have that kind of look. Although the mask is sculpted on, it has seam lines sculpted on it too. Which adds up the value of it and it’s not lazily done.

The red beret seems to be a bit too thick to be slotted into the shoulders, do use patience if you want to put it in. The rubber band which is sewed onto his vest seems tear easily, so do it nice and slow.

Let’s see how the combat shirt looks like when the vest is removed.


The combat shirt is beautifully tailored and the color goes with the portrait too. Very impressive work by Sideshow here.


For those who think the beret is an actual beret might be disappointed, it’s just red fabric rolled up and sewed. Can’t open it up nor wearable.

Beachhead’s Laser rifle comes in olive drab and weathered, differs from the previous releases. The one at the top is from Flint’s and for comparison.


Sideshow really went into details here, Beachhead’s Airborne trained right? And guess what? They gave him the double-buckles boot (Sideshow’s version has three buckles lol). The double-buckle is a paratrooper boot and usually worn by airborne troopers. I’m very surprised here.

Weathering on the boots is very well done, nothing’s rushed and you can see more markings on the cap of the boots. Good detailing there.


Here you go, Beachhead in his full battle attire.


After the horror from Flint’s weapon in the previous release, I am glad to say that Sideshow has gain my trust back again. Very impressed by the sculpting and paintings. Top notch shadings for the crossbow and weathering on the rifle too. Very very impressed by this release.


For those who are curious on where to keep the crossbow, this is how I do it.


For those who actually canceled Beachhead, shame on you. You’ll know how awesome this figure is when you have it in hand. Let’s wait for the Red Ninjas.


Yo Joe!


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