Review – Sideshow Collectibles G.I Joe – Flint

Name – Flint
Series – G.I Joe
Product Line – G.I Joe
Manufacturer – Sideshow Collectibles, Inc.
Released – September 2010
Scale – 12 Inch
Price – US $119.99

He’ll fight for freedom where ever there’s trouble. GI Joe is there!

Sideshow’s next release in September, Flint.

Flint is a classic example of a great, respected field leader. He is capable of making thorough tactical plans and executing them to a perfect tee. A natural leader who inspires his men to victory and credited with the success of several rescue missions in hostile territories. He is trained in many military skills including airborne, HALO jumping, ranger, helicopter piloting and is a Special Forces man.

Flint comes in a standard issue uniform which is shared throughout the releases (Duke, Snake Eyes and strangely the Cobra Troopers). But this time, the pants for Flint has to be in tiger stripe camouflage to stay true to the original. And Sideshow didn’t disappoint.

Many are complaining about the sculpt of Flint, I have no troubles with the sculpt. It brings more character to the figure. Seeing the old illustrations of Flint still makes me think that Sideshow has done a great job here. The scar on Flint’s left eye means that Sideshow is going for a more recent approach of the series. He didn’t have the scar in the cartoons, only in the recent comics by Devil’s Due. And also, why isn’t the Airborne badge in gold? It’s suppose to be in gold, I know it’s the same mold as the one they gave for Duke. But can’t they just paint it over? They can go through so many details but missed out on the color of the Airborne badge.

The boots are also having the same mold as the previous “Joe” releases, only in different colors.

The American Eagle buckle is very disappointing, it is poorly sculpt and painted. After a few good look at the figure, it just feels like Sideshow is rushing to get him out to meet the deadlines. The buckle should have been in a more solid gold rather than the dull one we are having. The paint jobs for the buckle, bullets and holder are all very sloppily made and painted. Some of the shells are also flatten on my belt.

The shotgun is poorly made and badly sculpt. Mine had loose parts for the red dot sight and the pump for the shotgun. The pump broke while I was inserting it into Flint’s hand. The whole gun looks very fragile and poorly painted. Comes with 24 shotgun shells which 20 can be fitted into the holster and 4 extras if you to lose it.

Same plastic hooks that are needed to hook the pouches. The holsters for the shotgun shells are extremely small, so patience and a little bit of skill are needed to insert them. They tear very easily, so be careful when you are putting them in.

Dashiell R. Faireborn which is Flint’s real name is printed onto the dog tags.

If anyone still remembers the first movie, you know that Flint told Beachhead that Hawk is the head of the team, followed by Duke, then Flint, Beachhead and finally Sgt. Slaughter. Sideshow’s release is Duke, Flint and next is Beachhead. So will we see a Sergeant Slaughter? I really do hope so, but we’ll see.



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