Review – Sideshow Collectibles G.I Joe – Firefly

Name – Firefly
Series – G.I Joe
Product Line – G.I Joe
Manufacturer – Sideshow Collectibles, Inc.
Released – August 2010
Scale – 12 Inch
Price – US $119.99

No one knows Firefly’s true background, his real name or what he looks like. It is believed that he started working with Cobra since its earliest inception. His fees are always payable in advance into a Swiss bank account and are non-refundable and he makes no guarantees.

Heres Firefly, Sideshow’s latest G.I Joe 12 inch installment.

The modernized version of Firefly is infact, one of the best they have released for the G.I Joe line. I am very impressed by the overall figure, even without having all the gears. The Pro Body 1.1 Sideshow is using and the fabric used for his uniform is superb. Far better than the previous releases. Every part of the figure feels very solid, no loose parts. The only down point that is on every Sideshow G.I Joe figures is the lack of ankle articulation, the boots are molded as per usual.

Due to all the complaints comments and request which are bombarding Sideshow about why doesn’t Firefly has his signature camoflage balaclava, they actually include another portrait which is painted as the same camo scheme as his uniform. Which surprises me since this is the first time I’ve seen Sideshow entertaining the fans and giving them what they want.

The sculpting and paint job on Firefly’s portrait is very well done, it seems like they are not reusing the mold from the previous Cobra Trooper/Officer/Sniper and resculpt the revealing part of the face. It’s actually a brand new mold, another thing which I really dislike is the inconsistency of painting. They painted the skin colors on the Cobra Troopers and Officers, skipped the paintjob on Sniper and the later releases and then they painted Firefly’s skin color on.

Complaints are going around about his non-camoflage balaclava but none of it goes about that he doesn’t come with his tool-box. Indeed this is a good figure, but he is lacking quite abit of accessories. A tool-box or kit would really come in handy for someone like Firefly since he is going around sabotaging. I doubt he climbs over fences and not cutting them, including them will indeed increase the money value that we’ve spent on Firefly. There are magnets in the trooper mine, so if you are afraid of losing them. You can actually join them together and put it in the backpack.

And also the googles are not tinted, it’s painted on. They bother to do a pair of real googles for Duke and not for Firefly. Something is not right here.

Pouches are using the same design as Duke’s, with plastic hooks to hook the pouches to the backpack.

Here it is, an upgraded version of the previous stands. Now it’s a v-hook which holds the figure from below it’s crotch. This is the first attempt by Sideshow and it’s pretty bad, the hook itself is pretty long. Even when it’s fully pushed downwards, my figures have a pretty hardtime trying to stand still and closing their legs. The v-hook actually pushes the thigh outwards so that your figures cannot put their legs together which looks very awkwark. So Sideshow if you are reading this, please give us back the o-hooks or do it like Hot Toys. =)


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