Review – Hasbro Iron Man 2: Movie Series – War Machine

I wasn’t really hyped while watching the trailer until the very end, War “Freaking” Machine appeared! That’s what got me all pumped up for the movie just because War Machine will be in.

Despite being scaled in 3.75 inch, Hasbro didn’t disappoint. Every part of it is very detailed, the grey parts of the figure are brushed with silver paint and another coat of dark wash. Which improved the overall accent and this type of paint jobs are often very rare for mass release markets. The shoulder pads are a main problem, which are hinged and and chunky. You can’t really move it’s arms forward unless you lift up the shoulder pads and it’ll look really stupid doing that. I would prefer having a ball joint or it’s sculpt together with the shoulder. You can’t really pose the torso either, they are really stiff . The armor cards you see are actually swappable if you own the other figures from the same series, it’s a screen card whereby you can have Iron Man’s lower body with War Machine’s torso etc.

Like every other 3.75 Iron Man: 2 figures, they will come with an oversized weapon. Although they serve no purpose for collectors like us nor they have an appearance in the movie. It’s added to bring more play value for the younger audiences. It comes with 2 projectiles whereby you can attach and fire them.

The weapons are attached via the peg where you can slide backwards.

Dispite not having the missile launcher which is shown in the movie, you can use the comic version’s which is compatible.

Either if you are a fan or you love robots, you defitnetly have to pick this up. Not only it has plenty of articulation and play value, the detailing and sculpting really sums it up.


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