Review – Sideshow Collectibles G.I Joe – Duke

Starting of with my first reivew, here I present to you.

The Field Commander of the G.I Joes, First Sergeant Conrad S. Hauser aka Duke.

For the Sideshow G.I Joe line, they are redesigning all the characters in their own styles. Which is like an update to a modern style of soldiers rather than the ones you’ve seen back in the 80’s.

I’m not a huge fan of Sideshow’s portrait sculpts in their previous works but the ones from the G.I Joe ones is a great improvement. This is a sculpt of Duke in Sideshow’s own perspective, they kept everything that will stay true to the original Duke. From the blonde hair, the frowning eyebrows, up to the scar on his right cheek. There are many complaints whereby saying that this look like Hawk rather than Duke. But not in my own opinion, this headsculpt just screams Duke into my face. Paint job isn’t outstanding like the prototype, but if production speed and value is the answer. I don’t see why Hot Toys can come up with something better with almost the price we paid.

He comes with a classic set of colors for his uniform with green inner -shirt (not pictured). Sideshow is staying true to the original designs, nothing much has changed with the exception of an updated set of modern uniform he is wearing now.

The kneepads on his pants is removable which is velcroed on. The boots are sculpt and really detailed and weathered. But I am still disappointed with it, they are still connected by pegs and not actual boots that can be removed.

Time to move on to the accessorise.

Weapons. The XMLR-3A Laser Rifle, at first I can’t believe that they actually made the laser rifle from the original cartoon series. Which is a huge bonus because I am always a fan it back then. The Robinson Arms XCR Rifle is an actual rifle and it comes with it’s respective attachments, the Magpul CTR stock and a Grenade Launcher. The rifle stock is funtional which is retractable but not for the grenade launcher whereby it’s glued to the base.

I was hoping for a left hand which has a trigger finger so he can go Rambo but no, he doesn’t. He now comes with a slingbag unlike the past which is a haversack with a single strap which makes no sense. I like the new design alot because it will be very redundant to carry a huge haversack into the battlefield.

The main flaw is the pouches, I don’t see why they bother to sew it on for the first few releases but not this one. This is one big issue since they tend to come off easily if you try to pose your figure.

The pros of having a bag? I am very glad that it’s workable since I can put in all the extra hands which saves alot of trouble having to remove again and again from the box.

To anyone who own this piece will know that it’s a pain in the ass to fit the goggles onto the helmet. The buckle which holds the fabric broke on mine, so I have replace it with a metal ring. It lengthens the strap and now I can have it hooked to the helmet.

Now let’s get Duke into his Full Battle Order!

Did anyone scratch their head when they see this for the first time and kept thinking what the hell is this for?

The grenade launcher can be removed.

The rifle grip is not stated anywhere, so this is a heads up for anyone who doesn’t know where it goes.

It can be stored in the smaller pouch at the back.

Surprise! It’s a real bottle which you can store actual liquid inside.

That sums up pretty much everything about the figure, I’ll see you till the next review then.

Yo Joe!


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